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31 July 2019


Robin P

This is great, thanks so much Lauren! I remember an important conversation I had with the three kids in the car that helped them begin to discover this dynamic. Fortunately it was very low risk for me -- an SFPD police officer (perhaps on a power high?) stopped me from pulling away from the curb after stopping briefly in a red zone, putting my blinkers on and running 10 feet to mail something in a mailbox, and running back to my car to leave. He gave me citations for 4 different things (blocking a ramp, parking in a red zone, blocking traffic, etc), totaling more than $500 in fines. I was SO angry, and the kids could tell. While more or less maintaining my civility during the encounter, it was a revelation to the kids that a police officer would do something that made me so angry and that hurt us. We talked about how police officers aren't always good, and that sometimes they abuse their power. I never really thought about how fundamentally important this encounter might have been for them, as minor as it was compared to what POC deal with in encounters with the police.

Also, FWIW, the next day I went in and fought the tickets and got them all cancelled. Not sure what was going on with that officer, but SF didn't even question my accounting of what happened.

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