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11 April 2012



I love the puzzle pieces imagery...you are so right! Maybe you and Bel are tessellations...slightly skewed iterations of the same shape...

Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

@amy you are so right! Both about the "karma kid" and the "yang kid." When you wrote that, it resonated such that I teared up a little. (But, who are we kidding? Doesn't take much!) Even though some days I feel like she's another creature from another planet, I feel like I've met my soul mate in Danjo; that we're puzzles pieces. Maybe because she takes so much after Beadle or Kevin? Bel completes my puzzle too; we're just the SAME piece, so we don't fit together too well! We need a couple of remediating pieces between us :)


I LOVE that you have a child who is so DIFFERENT from you! I think it's so great for us as parents to have to wrap our minds and hearts around a being who seems to be put on the earth with us to be our doppelganger, our reminder that what and who we are is not only not necessarily the BEST way to be (and we can be pretty egocentric that way, right?) but sometimes it's not even CLOSE to being the most interesting!
GGG has always chuckled at our "karma kids", the ones who are SOOOO much like us, in such exasperating ways, that she just thinks it's highly amusing when we whine about it(think Sami)...but Yelly is not your karma kid--she is your Yang kid...she fits all your Yin curves and spaces with her complementary curves and spaces.

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