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24 January 2012


Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

It is a challenge to not gratuitously praise your child, when your child is, indeed, just That Awesome.

I think the main point I try to remember when it comes to praise is the research about kids who are told they are smart seeing themselves as "not smart" when they are met with a challenge and therefore not willing to try again. Rather than children who are praised for their efforts or approach to solving a problem; they are eager to try again. I can identify with the former. I'm smart, a perfectionist, I hate trying new things or doing anything that is difficult because it makes me feel stupid or embarrassed when I mess up. End psychobabble.


I know you're not supposed to tell kids they're smart or beautiful, at least not all the time. Something about they can deny it, even if just to themselves ("No, I'm not, look in the mirror at my nose/zits/hair/teeth/whatever"). I still do it. I also tell Lindsay she is amazing, I'm proud of her and I think the way she handled that humongous paper worth three thousand points about Machiavelli and his 21st Century relevance was pretty awesome. Definitely needs specific.
Besides, Bel IS beautiful and smart and strong and the coolest dragon girl there is.

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