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27 January 2012


Auntie Robin

What I want to know is....did anyone eat the paste?


Once when Lindsay was little, and we were kind of marooned in Las Vegas, where there isn't much that's obvious to do with kids, and I was whining about that and wondering how I was going to provide enough social stuff for her and lalalalalahearmyselftalk, Grandma told me "You think too much". Come to think of it, I think she's told me that a number of times.
Really, you can't mess up your kids by being with them. Well, unless you are feeding them Coke and Cheetohs all day every day and swearing at them nonstop.
But I hear you saying you are really more worried about yourself. Definitely something most mommies think about, especially since we all started expecting so much of each other, like we would be betraying womanhood if we "only" raised kids, or "only" had careers.
I have such good memories of being home with a toddler and preschooler...and yes, one is about one-third the mental and physical energy requirement of two, but still...
I know I agonized over this stuff, but now all I remember is how much fun it was to sit and watch Little Bear and Kipper, or go to the cool library storytimes with crafts, or help you make Lego zoos with animals in their "areas" (no cages for our animals).
I guess I'm not really giving any advice, but then, you are a great mommy, so you don't really need advice. Just know that you'll love looking back at these years when they are in high school, and it WILL go really fast.


You are as fabulous as your facebook page let's one. Hope this means we can go to the zoo more often!

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