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22 November 2011


Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

I agree. I couldn't name my kids a name I "just liked." As I said, there had to be some significance, however convoluted. Until we decided to just bite the bullet and name DJ after her living grandfathers, it was hard to find a family name(s) we liked. I can't imagine what we'll do if we have another child, especially a girl! Gren-dolyn-da Bott-bliv-eras-cosa!


I loved having my Grandma Gibbs' name as my middle name. My first name is the same as a dear friend of Grandma's, but I'm not sure the exact process...I think it had to do with a bunch of ladies in the church putting together a list of names my mom chose from...sort of...me being fourth child and running out of names and all. Now Grandma may have a different story.
My middle name is my paternal Grandmother's first name. I loved having an old-fashioned name like Lucille as my middle name, enough that I have kept it through two marriages. Kids did tease me about it, but a good whap alongside an ear with a playground ball took care of that.
Melissa's middle name was Leona, and Grandma called her Melissa Lee, which is ironic, because now she IS Melissa Lee.
Joel was lucky, because he got Grandma's maiden name, Bott. I thought that was pretty cool. Very different from all those John Jameses and Matthew Michaels (not that there's anything wrong with Michaels!)
Cecile had it the hardest, because nobody knew how to say her name. They were always butchering it. But I'm sure she just let 'em know, and moved on.
I always loved the stories of our names. Somehow it just makes us both unique and a part of a family history.

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