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27 June 2011


Auntie Katherine

We sitters have to stick together! Of course, we may prefer to stick together in small groups only.

P.S. To give credit where credit is due, Grandma Jane told me about the article in the first place!

Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

Thanks, Auntie!


Oh, oh, oh, there is SOOOOO much to say about this! I am NOT a Rover, but I am also not even close to being a Sitter! Cautious, but very social. Greg is probably more a Sitter, but in fact, is very good at speaking in public, and has had a long and successful career doing just that. Lord knows he still somehow is a news camera magnet when we go downtown for Market or just to eat at the diner...
Your Grandpa was probably more of a Sitter, but he always had SUPREME confidence in his opinions (read "you couldn't win an argument with him") and as far as I can tell was never really what you'd call shy.
How many REALLY successful actors say they are actually pretty shy or introverted, and we all scoff and huff and wonder what kind of idiot they think we are for believing that. But it's often true! Extroverts sometimes make the WORST public speakers and actors! Totally over-in-love with themselves and their own voice, they will make your skin crawl with how funny and clever they think they're being. At length. (Our current pastor).
You introverts are MUCH funnier and cleverer, and say it in truly original ways, because you THINK ABOUT IT so much. Like all the time. But that makes you much more interesting, really.
Alison is an introvert who has learned to compensate. She is still much happier with her close friends, immediate family (she's learned to put up with and humor her extreme extrovert Nani) and would rather pull all her teeth out than go onstage. Go figure!
I always thought you and Ali had some similarities, in that you watched the world very intently, absorbed every atom of every event or sound and came to some kind of conclusion about how you were going to act at some point. Or not.
Don't let anyone tell you the way you process is not the "right" way. I'll be Steve Jobs is, in reality, a "sitter". How else did an uber-geek design stuff in his garage that we pay gajillions of dollars to have?
Not that you will, but don't change. You're much too interesting.

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