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17 June 2011


Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

@Auntie Katherine... so, I paid to be your, wouldn't say stylist, but fashion nudger?

@coltempo... you are included in the "few other Wellesley friends" - your names mostly being some derivation of the Greek root "katharos"- I didn't want to confuzzle the Internet by listing your names. but, trust: you are my timeshare for life.


i am a free bonus rental to katherine's beachfront estate. the timeshare in the deep south.

Auntie Katherine

And I'm glad you did, because I would be so unfashionable without you (I think I might actually be wearing your sweater in that picture, but why was I wearing a sweater and you and Ashley were dressed up? See? I need you!).

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