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31 January 2009


Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

@Carol and @Scarlett While it does happen, I think the idea of horrible, nightmare childbirths is a narrative that is TOO dominant in our society. It seems the nurses, especially, are always shocked! Giving birth is painful, yes. It is work, yes. But, it's what women's bodies were built to do! While every healthy baby was born the right way, I worry that our medical system and its practices are sometimes the culprit for the horror stories. Oh modern medicine! I'll get off my soapbox and just say that I'm glad to know that there are others who enjoyed (for lack of a better term) their childbirth experiences.

Scarlett L

This was essentially my labor as well...like almost exactly even down to arriving at the hospital and discovering I was 5 cm. I thought they would send me home as I thought there was no way I was in active labor. I pushed for about 15-20 minutes. The medical staff also commented about my abnormally speedy and easy labor...the nurse who did the initial examination even stayed around after her shift had ended to watch the birth..haha.


No! 4-1/2 hours of labor with my first one and 2-1/2 hours of labor with the second one! "Birthin' them babies" is no problem!!


I actually really love hearing birth stories! And of course I love sharing my own, too ;-). Someday, we'll have to sit and talk through them all (don't worry, I'm just kidding!).

Auntie Katherine

Not yet, but if I ever have a bajillion hour labor I will definitely be jealous!

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