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30 December 2008



I love you ...and can never be disappointed in you, because I have always been proud and a little jealous of how successful you have been in everything that you attempted. You have learned from your life experiences and have blossomed into a wonderful person. And yes, I do check for updates at least every other day! Love, Auntie Lina

Miss Merissa

Well, you have probably heard me say this before, but in MY eyes you could never be a disappointment.Because, whenever I would get in trouble (and I still do of course) my mom would always compare me to you and say, "Look at Lauren. Her parents asked her to do this and she didn't complain, give attitude, or talk back. She just did it. Why can't you just do it?" I think my parents were the ones who spear-headed the Nike slogan. Anyways, the point is, I will always look up to you for inspiration, motivation, love, support, happiness, etc. not just because it was installed in to me by the never ending nagging of my parents, more specifically my mom, but because I see and I know that you are a great person. I would not say this if this weren't true.Yes, it's true, there are some decisions that you have made that I don't agree with or wouldn't do personally, but we are all human and overall you are one to be admired and spoke highly of and bragged about. ;0)


None of my children are disappointments. At times, opportunities for challenges. You all have followed your own path and have made us very proud. Maybe a disappointment if I don't get to see my new granddaughter as often as I like, but that's my problem!! Love you, Mommy

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