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14 February 2014



YEEESS!! It's those "perfectionist expectations"- in any relationship, whether lover, family, or friends, being able to be vulnerable and admit to times when you have no more strength (my way of not using the word "weak") is essential, but SO HARD! …but I am still working on it too and more recently learned it is okay to say out loud to my peeps that my life is sucky right now and not full of rainbows and butterflies.
This made me reflect of ALL the times in many relationships, more specifically one heartbreaking one, that I just never said, "you suck, I suck, and this sucks"… always felt I had to be the strong one, the glue, and maybe if I just said out loud, "this sucks" things might have ended differently or maybe not… the world may never know ;0).

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