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19 April 2013


lauren gibbs-beadle

Thanks, Carol! Love back to you!

Helene, I should clarify that I don't actually take antidepressants. I take an "atypical anti-psychotic" that acts as a mood stabilizer. And I write more about my depression than mania, because even now it's so hard to see the "bad" part of my hypomania--other than that it forebodes depression. I like to write, but it usually takes more time and energy than I have. I don't do it to help me feel better, but it helps me put into words and make sense of what I'm feeling. And when I hear from people like you, it helps me to know that I'm--we're not alone! That is a lovely song, thanks for sharing!


I follow you on facebook and really I can relate to your words a lot, except that I'm not pro meds at all for many reasons, I don't want them, I don't believe in them, have seen so many other depressive persons taking them for ages and still not being okay, so Iam trying to be resilient like you said...I love the word but to me either I am just totally blah, numb as all and feel like not doing anything at all, when I dream to find the energy to go back to sport and keep making excuses( how can I go alone? I am too tired? what if I feel more depressed because I can't do it etc.)does writing a blog make you feel better?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prh_myL3Jkw I keep on listing and singing that song this week it kind of cheers me up or at least makes me feel understood and less alone in this, maybe you might find a little comfort in this if it's your kind of music :) take care!

Carol Dolezal-Ng

Love no matter what! Amen! Love the photo of the toes and fingers of all sizes! :-)

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