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09 November 2012


Auntie Katherine

Just had to comment on that video; it still makes me LOL (really). My parents and I often say to each other, "Oh my goodness, that is cuuuute!" Thanks to Maribel for the catchphrase!


Yeah...I love that benediction--haven't heard it in years.
I, too, am the parent who says "The quickest way NOT to get what you want is to beg or whine."
And I long ago went to the "put it on the list" strategy. WITH the caveat that she knew she wasn't getting anywhere NEAR everything on the list, and probably only one or two things, if that.
I think it's fine to let them circle the ads, it's just fun to dream. I used to love when the Sears Wishbook came out, and we'd flip through it over and over, knowing all the while that it was not likely we'd get what we dogeared.
Grandma and Grandpa used to give us each a little money and we'd go to the Payless store down on Market St. downtown. They had a basement that was given over to toys at Christmas. We did our shopping for each other there. To me, it was just magic, to walk down those stairs and ALL THOSE TOYS were on ALL THOSE SHELVES!

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