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12 November 2012



I heard the expression "judicious neglect" a long time ago, and I like it. Now, "neglect" has negative connotations, so maybe "ignoring" would be a better word.
Also, Lindsay's first grade teacher would say "would you like some support?" when she sensed major frustration building, but would not say "help".
And lastly, Lindsay's co-op preschool teachers used a format that is based on "best practices" and part of that was the theory that your job is to provide them with materials and space and time, and if a child asks for paper clips and string, you get them paper clips and string.
Now, I'm not able to be quite that hands-off, and it always sounded a little too much like waiting on my child rather than letting her figure out where the paper clips and string were (usually in her stacks of storage bins in the basement). Not to mention the art teacher in me just cannot quite help setting up a learning target...well, also the Gibbs genes (maybe more the Bott genes) that want to make projects out of stuff, not just let things happen...

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