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28 September 2012



Thank you, really! I think I'm a naturally anxious person, but not to the level you have talked about. But I like the idea of a spray or aromatherapy that will, as you said "tell my brain to calm the heck down."
The issue I almost always have is about Lindsay. Typically it's worst when she's sick. It can just be sniffles that are a little more intense than usual, or coughing with the onset of a cold, or when she just says "I don't feel good". I get that adrenaline-burst, then the light-headedness and then I try to talk to myself about how stupid it is to "overreact" about something like a cold, then I envision pneumonia (and it makes it worse that she actually HAD pneumonia a year ago last spring) and horrible hospital visits...you know the drill. When I talk to myself about not worrying, the next thing I know, the adrenaline pumps again, and off I go. Nausea is the end result. No sleep, hyper-sensitivity to sounds. Daytime, I can ignore it a little, but as I get older it gets harder.
I will be talking to my physician about this, but I like your ideas, too. It's like I need SOMETHING to just break the cycle. Sometimes it's almost as if my brain has checked out of the loop, and my body just keeps going with the racing heart/nausea cycle.
I'm sure you've heard this, but you do come by a lot of this genetically. Grandpa was hospitalized (albeit briefly) for an ulcer that was pretty bad, and it was certainly because he was cerebral and thought he could ignore his anxiety and worry.
Grandma also has issues with her stomach and worry. I'm so sorry you had to inherit that from the Gibbs side, though I don't know if your mom ever had issues with worry.

I know that what you are talking about isn't just stomach things, but I know, also, that when you feel like crap it's hard to function, too.

Thank you for your honesty and transparency.

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