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09 March 2012


Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

@Kate D. Can I get a witness?!? For glorified stretch pants!?

@amy stretchy jeans are where it's at! The Jegging might be the greatest invention since the mechanical pencil. I can see what you're saying about yoga pants, but these Lucy ones hide all manner of jiggly wigglies and whatnot. YOU, TOO, CAN LOOK LIKE A YOGA MODEL! ;)


Well, dang! If I looked as good as the model does in yoga pants, I'd probably wear them! Stretch pants (except stretchy jeans, which I resisted for a long time, and now I am addicted) are NOT in my Momdrobe, for sure!

Kate D.

For the yoga pants, I highly recommend New York and Company's City Stretch pants. They are made from the fabric of your average pair of yoga pants, but have the cut of a pair of fancy black pants. I have worn them to work many times before, and often get compliments about them, while I keep the secret that they are glorified sweat pants.

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