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15 February 2012



Does she have one of those cool hammering toys? Not the kind that's plastic, but the wooden kind? And I also saw a version in the Family Fun mag where you just give them screws and nails (big ones) and a cardboard box, and they pound them in with a rock (hammers are a bit beyond toddler coordination). Same can work with golf tees.

Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

She's more of a gross motor skills kinda kid, but she is, in general, more physically adept than her sister or myself, so presenting her with any object from the physical world to conquer usually keeps her busy for a moment or two. Enough to clean up whatever her last conquest may have been.


Lauren--Is she usually into fine motor skills stuff? Or does she have no patience for it? I know she's only what...18 months old or so? And five minutes is good...especially if she'll do it more than once in her lifetime...

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