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16 November 2011



Financially, we struggle a lot of the time, and the temptation for me is to buy cheap stuff that isn't going to make a dent in our budget. Not that we're going to go out and buy an expensive rug, but it feels so good to have things that are beautiful and functional and will be so for many years. Sometimes they just get more beautiful. It's like the difference between people who you know are there and will always have your back, and those who are fun and entertaining and give you a thrill but you know if you call them when you have a nasty flu bug and can't get to the store for milk for the kids, they will be busy, or worse, will promise to come and don't.
Part of it for me, is BEING that person who is reliable. Somehow, being in the mindset of sustainability for my family is very satisfying.

Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

Jen: Filling a void, making things, buying crap. Ditto. Ditto. And Ditto. Also, thank gawd pumpkin cream cheese, as a grocery, is NOT in the No Buy Zone.

For reals, abby and jen, thanks for your thoughts. I don't feel so alone or ashamed about my Shopping Struggles anymore!


Well put my dear. I've been going through the same thing. Always feeling a constant need for stuff and wondering how did I get to this point and why do I always feel like this? As I would tell Pea that she has to wait for some things that she wants, I started noticing that she does a better job at delayed gratification than I do. For me, we usually didn't get what we wanted, and as an adult, I've noticed that there is that kid in me who is making up for the lack of in the past. A part of it feels like the urge to nest, but another part of me wonders if I am trying fill some void. I've noticed that a lot of things I've wanted to buy lately are holiday decorations, and a part of me realized that not only would it be cheaper to make it myself, but it has the potential to be a fun craft. Now whether I actually do it or not is another thing, but at least it staves of the buying. What you were alluding to with the rug just made me think- How many times do I buy tons of little crap on sale that ends up being expensive all added up that prevents me from buying other big things that I've been waiting to buy because it's too expensive right now? Ugh
Anyway..... The last thing I have to say is: PUMPKIN CREAM CHEESE! I knew I forgot something at the market yesterday :/

Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

Also, now I have a lot of bookshelves.

Seriously though, during the [post-partum, juggling, craziness, what-have-you] of new children, when I clung to Stuff, I would have never believed how surprisingly easy it is on this slightly more sane side of two kids for me to comfortably say, we have everything we need.

Consumerism is very emotional.

Mommy (not yours, but theirs)

Glad to know this relatively "boring" post and my attempts to be transparent resonated with you. One thing I was thinking more about today is that some, not all, of the "I NEED" has been fueled in recent years by having kids. Not just the HUGE children's market, but Things just made me feel more secure, aptly prepared, less insane. It was always: if only I had the Perfect bookshelf to go just Right There, then I could sleep at night. (And ask beadle, some nights, it was that insane.)


That was exactly the pep talk I needed right now. I found myself in Walmart the other day having some very similar mental conversations....

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