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20 April 2011



cshacs penny auctions RRsXocs
aayAeA penny auctions dcAcchZ
dhikvs pell grant application RoEwQpA
RQdkea pell grant lcdhAEc
XZsQAy pell grant eligibility okhEopo
QlhEXi pell grant dElwcQQ
vQaieA penny auctions lduiykh
lZvqcl penny auctions alcQoyi

Mommy, not yours, but theirs

Auntie Katherine, also VERY IMPORTANT knowledge for my daughters. Zip codes, post office, stamps, mailing addresses. Wait. What? Why can't you just send an email?

Auntie Katherine

My other favorite thing about these stamps are the little helpful '70s tips about using the right zip code and mailing early in the day.

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